Welcome to Style Bump!

Note: the picture above is from Christmas Day when I was pregnant and didn’t know!

Hello, hello everybody!

This is just a post to say welcome to my new adventure and journey. I’m quite excited about this because not everybody knows that I’m yep, pregnant.

Not because it’s a secret. There’s been no Facebook mention or anything like that and I think that’s because until I began to show, it was so unbelievable (yet wonderful of course!) that I just couldn’t bring myself to shout about until I knew everything was OK.

And it is, touch wood!

I’m almost five months gone and I have a lovely little bump to show for it.

At 5’10, I’m pretty much a giraffe. I love experimenting with clothes and just because I’m pregnant, I’m not about to lose who I am.

In fact, I feel more assured in myself than I ever have.

As a young woman of 25, my body is changing quickly – sometimes, that’s a hard concept to accept.

But we needn’t fret or worry about what’s happening to us because let’s face it, bearing a baby is one of the most natural occurrences in the world.

I, like the rest of the ladies in the pregnancy universe (and not pregnant actually) have days where I feel low and yes, like a blob, but this blog is all about making ourselves feel good.

It’s about dressing for me and to make myself feel as nice as I can which is, I believe, a right. Especially now.

My shape has already shifted. I definitely cannot wear some of my vintage classics that I could a few weeks back.

OK, OK, last week I actually popped out of a nifty little 70’s number, I admit it.

The zip just split right open.

I’m a person that’s never even had to unbutton my pants after a large meal, so it was quite the…experience.

But you know what? It’s all alright.

I am entering a new chapter and it’s probably the most exciting and tiring and glorious section of my life to come yet.

I’m embracing my youth, my body, my bump and myself and if you’re in a similar situation, join me!

I hope you enjoy Style Bump…it might be a bumpy road!

Thank you! x

Things you should know about me:

I began blogging in 2013 and am currently in the UK Blog Awards final with my food site My Grandma Taught Me How To Cook

I have been with him since 2012…we’ve come a long way, been around the world and always laugh about how crazy it is to think how we met, where life took us and now we have a baby on the way? Amazing!

Right now I live in England. I love to go for walks in the beautiful countryside and I guess I’m an old-fashioned romantic at heart, riding a bike with a basket around and enjoy the simple things like fresh air, reading and tea in the back garden.

Life eh?!


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