The maternity necklace…

Hi guys!

So it’s fair to say….I’ve been majorly busy these past few months and it’s fair to say, the bump has grown!

In these last few weeks, you really start to feel, well, pregnant.

My desk at work is now not really suitable for a bump, my seat belt feels uncomfortable and yep, my pants are no longer my own.

But, like anything else in life there are always little ways to brighten up your day and if that means teaming my plain, black but extremely comfortable maternity dress with this somewhat crazy necklace, then so be it.


This little beauty came in to the Cancer Research shop where my Mum works every Tuesday and Friday – I get messages most weeks to say, “oh look at this! You would love it!”

To which I of course reply, “oh go on then…”

Anyway, sometimes you can find the most beautiful things in the unlikeliest places and if it’s helping someone else along the way, why not?


For a couple of pounds, it’s totally worth brightening up my increasingly “larger” pregnant days…


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