With new life comes new routine…or not!

My Grandma has always told each and every one of us that when it comes to babies, the best thing you can do is get them in to a routine, especially at night.

“Bath, fed, bed!”

Yeah, but what if the babies just don’t get it?

I have been trying my hardest for the past couple of weeks to breastfeed which hasn’t been the easiest of experiences – demand feed, don’t demand feed, cluster feeding, bottle feed, nipple shields, nipple confusion.

Can somone point out to me where in all of this I’m supposed to slide in a bit of routine?!

Maggie is a little suspicious of this routine business…!

But, seen as it’s Monday, we have a fresh start and we’re finally finding what works for us.

I want to enjoy my little girl and if our schedule is a bit cockeyed, then it’s ok because yep…the world won’t end!

For me, routine is something I need – I know not everyone does, but it’s how I feel a little in control of my days.

And although those sweet little bundles of joy are worth it, they turn your world upside down and inside out and I welcome knowing that actually, we might have three hours to get out of the house (or get back in to bed. I’m lying, it’s always about getting back in to bed) before the next feed!

Happy Monday guys! 🙂 x



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