Balancing Motherhood and markets…

I’ve only been at this Motherhood business for four weeks and I’ve just about cracked juggling Maggie in one hand whilst making coffee, brushing my teeth and shaving my legs with the other.

It’s tough.

But once you’ve found what works for you, it kinda just falls in to place.

For example, if you’re going shopping at the market, you may realise your little one is a whole lot more useful than you first thought…


Cute and nutritious!

I can imagine when you’re on child number two and three all this seems like a distant, naive memory, but with your first you’re debating with yourself for at least half an hour on how to go for a wee with the baby.

So, after a month I’m finally finding my feet when it comes to just being able to live daily life again whilst handling my little Maggie May and I feel pretty proud.

Let’s raise a glass to all the new Mums just trying to figure it out – and you only need one hand to raise a glass!



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