Looking after number 2: You…

As a Mother to a new baby, you suddenly find yourself slumping in to the chair at 7pm thinking, “what the fudge have I done all day?

And it’s not that you haven’t done anything – that’s right, We don’t sit and watch This Morning repeats for 12 hours.

But in between what seems like endless nappy changes, feeding and cooing over how your baby can now touch their feet (oh you clever little munchkin wunchkin! Mummy is soooooo proud of you you little smarty warty cutie pants!), you forget about the one person who needs to be the healthiest out of everyone: You.

In the past couple of weeks I’ve got back in to my cooking now that Maggie is a little older and likes to watch from her chair.

While I was pregnant, I ate extremely well.

I don’t mean I overdid it: I was healthier than ever…which is maybe why she came out a whopping 9lb 6oz eh?!

It was actually an eye opener because it came to light that actually, I probably didn’t eat enough before even though I would have swore blind I had a really balanced diet.

But now the little woman is here, sometimes it gets to lunch and I haven’t even drank a glass of water since 7am. That is not me.

I believe in good food and that water, above all, is the holy grail!

So I’ve vowed to just be a little more mindful of myself because I want to be better for my child. I want to feel more awake and have more energy and yes, I totally know that tiredness comes hand in hand with being a parent but that’s not the point.

The point is, us Mums need to be functioning as best we can: A happier mum means a happier baby right?


This morning I made eggs for the first time in AGES and I feel awesome. I’m going to buy a litre water bottle and keep it filled at all times so that wherever I am be it the living room, Maggie’s room or the park, I can just sip away at it. I can always tell a difference in the days when I’ve drank and eaten more. I’m not hangry…


I’m also going to take an afternoon to make some soups and stews to freeze so that at lunch times, I can just have my own homemade healthier version of a cuppa soup. Fuel on the go!

The little ones will always be number one.

But even if it’s just one morning a week, take a little extra 5 minutes to fill that water bottle and look after number two: You!


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