Wearing your Mum stripes…

You’ve got 5 minutes to choose your outfit before the baby wakes up.

Jewellery is a no-no because they’re at the grab-anything-I-see-and-eat-it phase.

The weather is really English: Rain, wind and rain.

Ha! Not a problem.

Tailored pants and cosy knit combo.



I admit I actively went looking for these items because they are easy and more so, you can’t beat tailored pants for a dash of classic style – no matter what you team it with.

So Mum or not, this is one outfit for all, for a quick and effortless look.

All Tesco Florence and Fred, pants in the sale, £5, jumper in the sale, £10

Below are some ideas for one of my favourite looks: Stripes and pants! 


Love this clean and elegant look. No fuss practical style.


I mean I know this is white but it’s beautifully simple right? Take the style and use different colours but you cannot beat a jumper and trouser match.


Shove your coat over the top and you’re ready to go! I like the idea of a jumpsuit because you just need to…well, put it on. No need to decide on what top or what colour. It’s there for you.

Stripe it lucky guys! 


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