5 lifestyle hacks for new Mums…

Do I have a bra on?

Have I brushed my teeth today? I was about to and then…

How is it 3pm already? 

I feel ya.

The days come and go when you’re at home with small people and mine is still only 4 months old yet sometimes I have to really think about whether I’ve changed my underwear today.

But I really feel I’ve got some stuff in the god damn changing bag.

Below are some things that have totally worked for me and I can’t keep them to myself knowing that maybe there is just one Mama out there who might use one of these hacks and find daily life a smidge easier.

God knows we all sometimes need easy…

1.) Making breakfast the night before:

So I’ve always done this but it helps even more now and it’s all down to my own Mother, who was a full time teacher alongside making my tea, doing my washing and making my bed. #SuperMum

I’m not saying make yourself scrambled eggs.

I put my cup out ready for my coffee (all hail the bean) in the morning, as well as a teaspoon resting inside. I get my bowl out and spoon – sometimes I even pour my muesli in so all I have left to do is the milk.

Call me crazy, call me lazy – I’ve just saved at least 5 minutes where I would be opening and rummaging through cupboards and drawers.

And I need breakfast. Otherwise, well, let’s not go there.

Can I squeeze an extra tip in? Get a coffee machine. Please. Save yourself. Buy one. In fact do it now.


2.) Everybody has an outfit planned:

Well, not him, he can dress himself (just about) but when it comes to me and Maggie, my clothes and underwear are laid on the chair before I go to bed so I don’t have to even let it enter my brain in the morning. The same goes for Mags. When I put her to bed at night, I grab her an outfit and hang it over the radiator. Boom.

3.) Highlighting, highlighting, highlighting: 

Are we ever not tired now we’re Mums? My L’Oreal Touche Magique concealer is like the salt to my pepper. A few licks of this and although I might not feel it, I look bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Much appreciated.

4.) A good pair of shoes:

Yep, ladies and their shoes eh! Kinda standard in any woman’s life anyway BUT if you’re like me, you’ll walk here, there and everywhere with the pram for a) to see past the four walls of your living room and b) fresh air totally knocks my Maggie out AKA sleep!!!!

So on top of everything else you have to worry about, you don’t want aching feet from running around in un-supportive shoes.

OMG. That was such a Mum thing to say…


5.) Snack attacks:

Finding time to eat is sometimes difficult as it is and I do not, I repeat DO NOT handle life well when hungry.

I’m not opposed to the odd (daily) biscuit, but I want to be fuelling as I go.

Those snack size boxes of raisins? I can down em’ in one.

Stock up!

Also: I love the cocoa and orange naked bars. Delish.

And the bakewell tart ones.

Oh and the banana crunch ones.

Just get some OK?

So, there’s our tips for trying to save some time whilst looking after ourselves too. Have a great day! 

Love me & Mags 😉 xxx



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