5 minutes of fabulous…

If there is one thing I think women need to do more in general, it’s to feel better about themselves.

We’re bloomin’ damn well amazing don’t you know?

We all have insecurities and I think in most cases they increase when you become a Mother.

But this is how I look at it:

I grew a human for gods sake.

And that, in my eyes, makes my body absolutely awesome.

I’m 26, I love my daughter more than anything in the world and you know what? I love myself more than ever because I’m strong, I’m a hero in my little girls eyes and I still like to dress up and feel fabulous!

Even if it is just to lie on my bed and read my December issue of Vogue…Needs must!


I love that 1940’s/50’s nipped in waist look because it’s so beautifully feminine and if you are feeling a bit “mum bod”, it pulls you in at all the right places.

I found this bargain in a charity shop for £7 AND it’s from Zara.

Maternity pay can’t stop me stylin’!

So go on. When baby is asleep, sod the washing up, put your nice frock and allow yourself to feel gorgeous for five minutes.

You’re worth it! 


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